Dead At Dusk

DEVELOPER: whaleoild

RELEASE: 12.04.2023

TYPE: game

PRICE: free


LANGUAGES: english




supported platforms


Dead At Dusk is a rogue-lite survival game with dark fantasy elements. This places a heavy focus on skillful gameplay and encourages player choice through unique character builds.

This game initially started out as a way for me to learn how to use Unity-- I built a prototype with basic programmer art and three spells. I noticed that when people would test the prototype they would be immediately sucked in by the compelling combat and satisfying spell upgrade paths. This and my excitement about game development led me to develop the game into what it is now; a full working mobile game available on app stores with a sophisticated reward and character upgrade system, satisfying enemy battles and strategic gameplay. I developed Dead at Dusk in my own time while managing a software job, and released it on December 4 2023.

One of the main challenges when I was developing this game was how to create a compelling art style. I coordinated with several artists to concept, draw, and create 2D game-ready assets that aligned with the play style and game aesthetic. No AI art was used in the development of this game--everything is hand done by human artists.

This game was a great learning experience for me that involved ideating, designing, developing, creating art, and marketing. This was an exciting experience and I am extremely proud with how it turned out.

marketing assets

view all marketing assets via google drive link below

marketing assets


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